This post of mine is dedicated to all questions and queries one has in mind before getting into a relationship. There are a lot of questions popping in mind without any stop -- Have u been in relationship b4 ? Why was there a breakup ? Are you a virgin ? Blah !!! More than seeing the compatibility , the understanding , things which bother to general mass are incidences which happened in our past. Why don't they understand its because of that past today we are what we are. I feel a mere realization of mistakes committed in past is enough to have a healthy future. Just that one should make sure that the kinds of mistake done should not be repeated. However you're always free to commit new kinds of them . Why would a person want his spouse to be a fresh nut when he's himself is not one. We all have the freedom to try our luck with the search of finding out the most compatible people in the world. Some find them easily , and some don't - doesn't mean you start questioning there character . All it means is things have not been easy for them.I always believe if you have to please anyone in the world first please yourself. In this life , crying over a relationship which did not work should be the last thing one should do . You should learn from that and just move forward. And yes questions and queries about you being a virgin - I would say you have full rights not to answer that question . That's something as personal as how many times you shit a day . Dude !! That is what all you want ? Don't you ? Grow up ! One should never try to judge someone on the counts of bf/gf they have made in past. If you really wanna judge , judge on what they have learn't from it. The more they've learnt , the more tarnished and ready they are to be with you. Love is the warmth you share with that person , not about the warmth which were shared with others. Don't be with someone just because you feel he's sexy , he has money. Be with him because he respects who you are regardless of what you have been , or what you are gonna turn into tomorrow. Be with him because for all you know he's the most compatible person you can find in life. Be with him because you know you can be his for all your life. Be with him because you know , He's the only one you can live a lifetime with... Love is about living a lifetime together not about cribbing over incidences.

We were yet to forget controversial issue of Shilpa Shetty being a target of racist talks and torture, another confronting issue in Australia came up. Shilpa almost became a world icon against racism. What's with India that it has always been victim of such kind of attacks ?? I mean why is only INDIA into this problem everytime . I feel there is something in us which needs to be changed. only a racist can identify a racist .
Youngistan has been quite agaist these attacks over a few months.There were many hot reactions from all indians in and outside India which came up over the period of time. But I feel there is a technical problem in we "the people".
Have you ever seen a tag" a dark complexion bride needed" in matimonials . Hardly one can find such miraculous articles. But one can definetly find adds for sunscreens,whitening lotions etc. How crazy are people for " fair glow soaps, or fair and lovelys..", what excitement they have to grow fair.These days fair skin has become the passport for our social acceptance.
We fight among ourselves, but when it comes to the similar kind of fight in austarlia or britain, what is to make such a fuss about..?? I mean just check out, MNS targeting north Indians, or Shiv Sena targeting south Indians. Its all one and the same.
I mean if people are so bloody unhappy with these attacks in australia , let them go back to India. Afterall it was they who had chosen their studies over other small priorities and went there. They definetly knew that they won't be treated the same as the first citizens of the nation are treated. These things happen everywhere,being governed by the universal law of humanity "favouritism" .
As far as students going there for higher studies are concerned , they should be a little insensitive to all these social activities and should concentrate more on the thing they have gone to do . And they must know that a respectable performance in any indian university is being given more weightage than the b-grade degree in any university abroad these days.

Days together I thought ....
Oh !! Shah !! What people would be thinking about me...
I should not do this, or else what would my friend about me.
I should not see this , I might land with a bad image.
I should not talk to this guy , they might think bad about us.
Goodness, I was so loaded with these thoughts that I never did anything what my heart actually wanted to. I kept on doing those things which might add to the image I carry in society.Is life all about being a society bound. No now I want to break free all these shackles of slumber and fly high. Because ultimately they would never work for me, for opinions may vary from people to people. At one side I might be making some lot happy, but at the other side by doing this I am disappointing so many.

So despite of being image conscious and not doing the things you like, one should try to do things which he wants the most to happen. Because even if you pull your whole life being image conscious, one mistake you commit and your image is lost. And being a normal human being you are not perfect to say that you won't commit mistake. So take pride in being "YOU", because your creator is also the same as that of the person commenting on you. So permit all opinions coming to you, don't let them dishearten you. Grade them according to your heart, Even if your heart things a bit that opinion is right then use it for your own good. Improve yourself with these opinions , and if you can't just chuck them and "LIVE LIVELY"...

Way back when Raghu and Rajiv started this show what could have been their motive. Sometimes I seriously ponder over it but never arrive to the actual reason for the creation of ROADIES. Could it have been just to search the most dare devil person, to check his or her physical strenght to fight against the collapsing tasks, to check their skills and smartness, or the x-factor, or could it be to see how they manage to survive after the unhealthy and partial voteouts..?? Above all, was its just a successful business plan?? Its difficult to decide what was the motive , but swear whatever the motive was it was invincible and unshakable....
Today when I see people voting out just because of personal hatred and invalid reasons , I really feel bad on the creator's part .Searching a man who knows to keep a balance behind emotions and survival, who knows the meaning of a true phenomenal performance in a task, who knows courage before strategies , and who knows how to keep cool every time ..this noble motive of roadies has been corrupted by the politics played behind the scenes. The gals and guys selected pay more importance on keeping good relationships with their fellow competetors than performing well on tasks. That is never a good sign.

Specially this time when I saw Paulomi being thrown out of the show, and Palak surviving till the end despite of all odd circumstances was an absolute injustice.
There is an urgent need of revival of the total casts and crew and the game strategy to keep the show going on performance basis than on anything else.

One thing I learned from my grandfather was how to be happy in the time of blue. Ah! How dynamic personality was he . Whatsoever things came and went in his way ,one thing that was eternal was "the passion of travelling". Might be this was one reason he was young at heart even at an age of 100.
Well things went on and finally it came to be like this that I inherited the same gene of travelling . Today people have classified this passion in so many types based on the type of people and their motive and also their mode involved in it . Ranging from honeymoon travels to the explorations, from a professional visit to a small holiday. Of all bads today ,the worst is people don't even have the freedom to hover around the places of their fancies because those places are unstable when it comes to normal living.
You see the nature and its boundless beauty. You release your tensions and breathe peace. The sense of calmness dissolutes in every nerve of your body and soul. Travelling is never about just going to hill stations , beaches or other tourists hot-spots. Its just about knowing things around you more closely and feeling them. You can travel just in a small lawn , or a street. You need not spend so much of money and plan a trip to a place with all packed schedules for day and night. That just adds to the list of the places you know but never gives you the peace, the change or the break from a monotony which are the ultimate consequences of travelling.
Apart from all these basics, travelling revitalizes your every emotion , brings endless freshness in the way you think , the way you dress and the way you react. A full combo of all these change makes you more positive, and more open to the problems in the world. Everytime you travel , you reduce a bigger problem into a small one. Thereafter the capacity of yours to withstand every hardships in your life increases. Your mind thinks fast and you add to your success . A bigger problem seems to be small and smaller seems to be nothing . And thus you head towards a happy and peaceful life.

Sometimes I wonder , how important can it be keeping yourself composed in your hard times. At times its more important to keep your furious feelings inside you , than releasing it out and destroying your relations. I don't ask anyone to compromise but there is a professional rule which should always be obeyed.. 'Anything not done on the right time looses its relevance . You can shout at that time , but it won't help. In turn it will destroy the mood and might lead to some negative effect on your post and position.

But this does not mean you keep mum and show that you are weak. If you think you have sufficient proof in your hand to prove an edge over others .. continue, or else its better to save your ass. Times change and with them changes the situation we are into. What you were yesterday , you are not today and what you are today , you won't be tomorrow. The only thing you should ensure is every day you improve, enhance your skills and channelize them in the right direction and wait for the time when everything favors you. Retreat back then, take the revenge , but make it sure that after that you don't make them enemies . Try making them the people who are bound to support you because that's the only option remaining.